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Please note: during the spring and fall, we can be fully booked over a month in advance

Bridal Alterations generally require 8-12 weeks to complete, other formal wear is between 4-6 weeks.

We are so happy you are looking to us to be your Sewing Fairy Godmother. This is currently the only way to request an appointment with us! With all requests in one place, we can better guarantee we can get back to our large volume of clients. By filling out the form correctly and completely we will have all the information needed to create your custom fitting schedule to ensure your fairytale fit!

Please allow up to 1 week for a response. We receive several requests each day and want to make certain we have all the information required before we schedule you a fitting.

***Please text your full name, event date, and photos of yourself in your dress to (423) 716-7704. We cannot process your request until we receive this information! We will also use this number to reach out with reminders and additional information!***


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(423) 716-7704

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